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Who we are

Español en Chile Institute is a language school located in Santiago de Chile. Our teachers, all experienced and certified lecturers, offer English lessons for all levels from A1 to C2 (according to CEFR) aimed at children, teenagers, and adults.

Adapted to your Needs

Our courses are completely personalized and adjusted depending on your specific needs through efficient and quick teaching methods.

Expert Professors

Our professors are professional language teachers. All of them have been certified by the best universities in Chile and throughout the world. We have teachers specialized in teaching children and adults. Our professors provide language and business lessons, along with preparation for IELTS exams.

Communicative Method

In our institute, we use the communicative method, the most efficient and proven method worldwide, in order to teach languages in a way that allows our students to begin applying their knowledge in their real lives starting with the first class.

We provide certificates

At the end of the course the student will receive a certificate of participation.


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Our Team

Our teachers are professional English as a second language lecturers, certified by the best universities in Chile and the world. Our teachers provide language lessons for children, adults, and businesses, as well as providing preparation for the international IELTS exam.

Francisca Zúñiga Millán

Director of Español en Chile Institute
Francisca has a degree in Hispanic Linguistics and Literature from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). She also completed a master’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Universidad de Salamanca (USAL), Spain. Also, to complete her training, she has participated in numerous courses, workshops, and conferences related to the area. She has also undertaken other language courses, such as English in Canada and the United States, and Italian in Italy. Her professional career involved working as a Spanish teacher for foreigners since 2009. In 2012 she founded Español en Chile Institute and assumed its direction. During 2018, she ran the institute while simultaneously teaching Spanish to diplomats and officials of the United Nations Organization (UN) at ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean). Since 2022 she works exclusively as director and coordinator of the school.

Carolina Vega

English teacher
Carolina holds a BA in English Language and Literature (2017) and an English Pedagogy for Highschool (2019) degree from the Universidad de Chile (UCH). Carolina’s approach to language teaching makes use of didactic games. She relies on ludic activities and the use of physical materials to develop meaningful learning which incentivizes conversation, improves pronunciation, and enhances writing. This methodology also motivates identity expression in order to preserve students’ personality when switching languages. Since 2020, Carolina has incorporated her use of games and personalized material through different virtual platforms. Her aim is to address students’ specific language needs such as school support, work, or personal goals, like travelling or applying for a job abroad, or preparing TOEFL for a Working Holiday VISA. Furthermore, Carolina has worked at diverse and prestigious institutions such as Catholic schools, for high performance athletes and artists, trilingual schools, and language institutes. Currently, Carolina is an English Pedagogical Supervisor at one of the most important public universities in the country.

Matías Palacios

English teacher
Matías has a BA in English Linguistics and Literature from the the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), graduating with honors in 2021 for academic excellence. He taught English during his undergraduate years, working alongside his university’s Inclusion Department as a tutor. This position enabled him to interact with students from different disciplines. Also, as a teaching assistant, he was a lecturer for English language with a focus on phonology. He has taught English to adults as well as children when working for private institutes. He has a an JLPT N3 level certificate in Japanese, an equivalent to a CEFR B1 level given his 11-month stay in Japan as an exchange student. His interests range from music to writing. He understands the didactic potential of prosody and art in general and tries to create environments where the students’ interests can be combined with their education.

Vannia Cabrera

English teacher
Vannia holds a Bachelor's degree in English Linguistics and Literature, and a specialization in International Relations, both from the University of Chile (Uch). She stands out as an English teacher with a focus on communication and interculturality applied to education.
Throughout her professional career, Vannia has served as a coordinator for professional English courses at renowned language academies. She has been responsible for designing customized study programs and creating educational content for English courses with specific purposes (ESP). Additionally, she led the national implementation of the Let's Learn English educational platform in Chile, collaborating closely with multidisciplinary teams and various educational institutions across the country.
Her volunteering work stands out for her involvement in the culture and research committee of a Memory Site, contributing to the development of educational materials and their translation into English, as well as leading bilingual guided tours at the same site.

Carolina Carrizo

English teacher
Carolina has a degree in English Linguistics and Literature from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC). She has vast experience in teaching English, as well as experience in translations for different areas.
She has TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), which allows her to teach this language and also prepare students for the IELTS exam. She has taught to people of different age ranges, from young children to adults. She has worked in various Institutes and academic programs.
She really enjoys reading, watching movies, and any form of artistic expression. She relies on this knowledge as a tool for her lessons, thus making learning a more dynamic and enjoyable experience for her students.

Amílcar Noguera

English teacher
Amilcar Noguera is a Spanish-English-Italian translator graduated in 2010 from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). He has extensive knowledge in the translation of technical manuals and texts related to the area of information technology. In 2012, he completed the TKT Essentials EFL Teacher Training at the British Council in Venezuela. In 2014, he obtained the IELTS Certificate with an overall average in each band of 8 points out of 9. From 2017 to 2019 he provided services for the Australian Embassy in Santiago while also working as a foreign language teacher at the Instituto Español en Chile. He defines himself as a "citizen of the world" with a friendly personality and adaptable to any type of situation.

Ignacia Martínez

English teacher
Ignacia studied a degree in English Language and Literature, graduating in 2018 from the Universidad de Chile (UCH). She participated as a volunteer in the PME UChile program supporting foreign exchange students in learning Spanish language and local culture. She has experience in English and Spanish teaching for adults and teenagers. Also, she has worked in the field of tourism as a bilingual interviewer (English-Spanish) for the National Tourism Service. Her passion for contact with foreign cultures has even led her to learn a little French and Portuguese. Likewise, she took a basic Swedish course, a diploma awarded by the Swedish Chilean Institute of Culture in 2020. In 2021, she obtained the Diploma specializing in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC).

Luis Miranda Valdés

English interpreter teacher
Luis Miranda Valdés is an English-Spanish Simultaneous and Consecutive Translator and Interpreter and has a Master's degree in Communication and Educational Technologies. He has worked for almost 2 decades teaching translation and interpreting at both the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) and UNIACC University. He has been part of important international events, providing simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services and as a translator.
Luis prepares various workshops for teaching liaison interpreting techniques, emphasizing active and collaborative learning. In addition, he has 7 years of experience in English teaching by levels and TOEIC preparation at the Manpower Chile Institute.


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